Lucky the Wonder Pup Directions

Lucky the Incredible Wonder Pup is an interactive toy first released by the Japanese company Sega in 2006 12. Lucky was then introduced to the United States, and made its debut on the west coast in late 2007 by toy company Zizzle. Lucky the Wonder Pup is a toy dog that can understand his name and respond to up to 15 different commands. Teach him to sit, lay down, wag his tail and more.

Remove Lucky from the box and remove all straps, ties and small pieces.

Install the batteries. Locate the Velcro seam on Lucky's belly and pull it open. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver and loosen the screws on the battery compartment door. Insert four AA batteries into the compartment, making sure to match the polarity as instructed. Replace the battery cover and tighten the screws. Move the slide switch into the "On" position and listen for Lucky to say "Hello."

Place Lucky the Wonder Pup on a flat, smooth surface to play with him. Pet Lucky's back to get him to respond to you.

Instruct Lucky to do tricks. First, say Lucky's name to get his attention. Then, wait for Lucky to bark twice. Now, speak clearly and give Lucky one of the correct commands — Lucky can understand and respond to 15 commands. Tell Lucky to "Speak to me," and Lucky will stand and bark. Say "Come here," and Lucky runs forward and barks. Tell Lucky to "Pounce" and he'll crouch down and pounce. Tell Lucky to "Sit" and "Lay down," and he will follow your command. Lucky will stand on his hind legs and shake your hand when you tell him to "Shake hands," and he will stand and bark when you say "Want a treat." Ask Lucky to "Sing a song" and he will sing one of his favorite songs. When Lucky hears "Good boy," he will stand and shuffle his feet; however, if you tell Lucky he is a "Bad boy," he will crouch down. Say to Lucky, "Tug of war," and Lucky will crouch forward, open his mouth for a rope, then close his mouth and tug. Get Lucky to fall forward and stand on his head when you say "On your head." Tell him to "Go to sleep" and he will lay down, snore and go into sleep mode. Lucky plays with you when you tell him to "Put 'em up;" he will stand on his hind legs and raise his front paws. Follow this command with "Bang, bang" and he will fall backwards and whine.

Change Lucky's name. First, press and hold the "Rename" button found next to the battery door and wait for Lucky to say "Hello," then release the button. Next, clearly say the new name you have picked for the pup until he recognizes it and says "Hello." Repeat the new name and wait for the pup to bark three times, letting you know he understands his new name. Change the pup's name back to Lucky in the same way.

Put Lucky into sleep mode. Press and hold the button on his back for three seconds. Wake him up by pressing the same button for three seconds.


Always speak clearly and say the correct commands. Lucky will not respond if he cannot understand you.


Do not mix batteries.

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