How to Reprogram a Furby

Tiger Electronics released the robotic children's toy Furby in 1998. Computer programmers impressed with Furby's advanced hardware created an online movement dedicated to Furby "hacking." credits Jeff Gibbons with first successful "hack." He reprogrammed his Furby by replacing the original circuit boards with his own design 1.

Unless you are familiar with building your own computer hardware you should try the easier option preprogrammed into Furby. If your Furby begins to malfunction or no longer responds to your attempts at interaction, just restart it. This will return Furby to its original factory settings thus allowing you to retrain Furby.

Turn Furby upside down. Leave the batteries inside.

Hold down the mouth button. Use a pen or other small device to press the tiny reset button that is near the battery case (on the bottom of Furby near his tail). Press the "reset" button with the mouth button held down.

Rub Furby's belly three times and wait for him to stop moving and talking. Pet his back and he will say his new name.


For more information, read the Furby instruction manual. It is available online at


Furbies are known to break easily (or have interior mechanical parts melt). If any odd smells come from it take the batteries out and stop playing with it immediately. "Adopt a Furby" warns against Furby hacking because "you might seriously injure your Furby, and he or she will never be well again."

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