How to Program a FurReal Parrot

Ranging from chimps to puppies, the Hasbro FurReal family includes over 150 products. Among the FurReal collection is the newborn baby bird macaw parrot 1. This parrot chirps to let you know it is ready for a bottle or flaps its wings to indicate it is meal time. Another parrot previously offered by Hasbro was the talking "Squawkers Macaw." Although discontinued, this parrot is often sold at secondhand stores, yard sales and online auctions. Program the baby bird to chirp when it is hungry or thirsty, while the adult macaw will talk and mimic your voice.

FurReal Newborn Baby Bird

Locate the battery compartment on the bottom of the bird. Insert three AAA batteries. If your FurReal parrot is new, the batteries should be included in the package.

Slide the "try-me" button to the "on" position by moving it two clicks to the right. This switch is located next to the battery compartment on the bottom of the bird. The switch is placed in the "try-me" mode upon packaging.

Depress the FurReal newborn baby bird parrot's tongue sensor with a bottle to hear eating noises 1. Remove the bottle to hear the bird chirp.

Put your newborn baby bird parrot in "hang-out mode" by leaving it alone for a few moments.

Wake up your FurReal friend newborn baby bird parrot by inserting a bottle in its mouth once again 1.

FurReal Squawkers Macaw

Wave your hand over the bird's head to make the parrot blink its eyes. Rub its back to prompt movements and a cooing sound, and pet its beak for a kiss or noise.

Move the switch on the bird to "custom speech." Speak directly to the bird to have it repeat what you say with responses up to three seconds. Place the switch in "parrot talk mode" and the bird will respond to questions. Set to "mix mode" for both programmed responses and a repeat of what you are saying. Wait for a squawk sound to indicate the parrot has finished speaking.

Place a hand over the macaw's eyes and say, "Peek-a-boo," then remove your hands. Wait for a response from the bird. Turn on music and say, "Let's dance," or state the phrase and wait for the parrot to do the programmed dance to its signature song.

Set the macaw to "sleep mode" when you are finished playing with your parrot.


A remote control is sold separately for the adult parrot.

Phrases and questions the macaw will respond to include, "Hello," "What are you doing?" "Give me a kiss," "Let's play," "Good night," "I love you," "Pretty bird," and "Are you hungry?"

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