Ideas for Newborn Handprints & Footprints

Your newborn's miniature hands and feet will grow, marking his development in the first year. Keep a record of your baby's first year of life by using his handprints and footprints on decorative items, growth charts and stationary. Use paint and ink that is nontoxic and safe for your baby. You can also use natural pigments such as beet juice or blueberry juice to stamp your baby's prints onto paper.

Greeting Cards

Make personalized birth announcements and greetings with family photos and your newborn's personal stamp on them. Custom-make photocards and use your newborn baby's footprints and handprints to adorn the back or inside of the card 2. Cards are more special and intimate when they are sent through the mail rather than email. You can print cards from your computer and glue color photocopies of the hand and footprints to them.

Growth Chart

Custom nursery decor can reflect your baby's growth and development. Make an original growth chart and keepsake by stamping your newborns baby's footprints and handprints on one corner of the a framed poster-board. Continue stamping the prints every week or every month by gently holding your baby's pigment-stained foot and hand to the chart. Write the date below each print to record your infant's growth and continue until the chart is full.

Wall Tile Decor

Decorative ceramic tiles can accent your fireplace, walls and kitchen or bathroom counter. Embed your newborn's tiny feet and handprints in soft natural clay and mark it with your baby's name and the date. Shape the edges of the clay to make a round or square tile. Add a shiny glaze of color and bake the imprinted tile to harden it. The tile can be glued onto your existing tilework anywhere in your home or make a thoughtful gift for grandparents.

Baby Album

Baby albums record milestones in your newborn's first year. These can include the first smile, first giggle and first tooth. Add your baby's handprints and footprints weekly or monthly to record her growth. Or decorate the album by dipping your baby's feet in paint and "walking" her across the cover.