How to Remove a Seat From a Jumperoo to Wash

The Jumperoo is a toy for infants that are up to 1 year in age. The toy is connected to a frame that will allow the infant to jump up and down. When the seat becomes soiled or stained it will need to be taken out or removed, to clean it. To do this you will need to remove the seat pad. You will need to first extract it from the frame of the toy.

Lift up on the seat ring to take it out of the plastic frame.

Locate the notches where the seat connects to the seat ring. Press on the notches by using the flathead screwdriver. This will separate the seat from the seat ring 1.

Pull the seat off of the seat ring and set it upside down on a table.

Find the plastic tabs around the perimeter of the seat. Separate the seat cushion from the tabs or pegs by pulling it out.

Remove the seat cushion from the seat.


Do not bend the plastic tabs or pegs as they may break.

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