How to create your own novelty birth certificates

Surprise a new mom and dad with a novelty birth certificate for their newborn. These are perfect for displaying in the baby's nursery rather than risking damage to the original and can contain any information you like. Personalise the design with fonts and colours that match the theme of the baby's bedroom and place it in a decorative frame as a gift.

Open the Task Launcher in the Microsoft Works program. Select "Templates" from the icons at the top of the page 1. Choose "Cards & Crafts" from the categories on the left and then select "Certificates."

Click on any of the templates available to see it larger. Click "Use This Style" to open the template style you like in a new page.

Double-click the title of the document and type "Birth Certificate." Change the colour, style and font by going to "Format" and selecting Font from the menu.

Double-click on "Name" and change it to say the correct name of the baby. Change the font to match the title or choose a more decorative font.

Highlight "Your Text Here" by double-clicking the words. Type the remaining information you want on the novelty birth certificate such as birth weight, length, time and the parents' names.

Print the novelty birth certificate onto heavyweight paper or card stock and place it in a decorative frame.