How to Build a LEGO House on LEGO Creator

With the LEGO Creator software installed on your computer, you can build just about anything you can imagine out of LEGO pieces. The colourful brick designs are limited only by your imagination and the number of bricks available. The intuitive and organised Digital Designer software makes this a breeze, and avid LEGO fans have already built and uploaded dozens of samples to the LEGO Creator website 2.

Download (from the LEGO website), install and start the LEGO Digital Designer software 2.

Choose "LEGO Creator" from the open menu, and then choose "Free Build."

Build the first row of bricks that make up the base of your house 1. Look through the menus of grouped LEGO pieces and locate the colour and shape of the bricks you want to use. Then, simply click and drag the bricks onto the base plate in the Digital Designer menu 2. Repeat until you have built the outline of your house, leaving voids for doors.

Use more bricks from the Bricks palette to build up three rows. Although your creation won't have the same problems on the computer as one you build in reality, it's still good practice to offset the bricks of the upper row such that any gaps between bricks on the lower row are covered by bricks on the upper row.

Add another layer of bricks, and also look through the Bricks palette for window pieces. Add windows to your house.

Look for doors, and install them in the spaces you left for the doors.

Build up the walls using more and more layers until you match the height of all the doors and windows on your house. Then, cap it all off with another layer of bricks.

Locate the angled pieces on the Bricks palette, and choose the angle and colour of pieces you want to use for the roof.

Place these pieces on the front and back edges of your house, and place a row of wall bricks between the roof pieces on the sides.

Repeat Step 9, aligning the angled pieces with the contour of the roof until the roof gap closes.

Add a crown of angled plates across the top of the house.

Add trees, people or other objects to the yard of your completed home.


If you want to make a multistory home, instead of adding the roof at Step 8, install a layer of flat plates as the floor of the home, then repeat Steps 3 through 7 until you complete the second floor. Repeat for as many floors as you want, then proceed from Step 8 on.