Fisher Step & Play Piano Instructions

Hand me downs are an effective way for a family to save money. For example, when one child grows out of the Fisher Price "Step & Play Piano," it can be saved or given to a future child 1. However, when the time comes to use the toy, the instructions may be lost or destroyed. The Step & Play Piano offers three modes, and knowing how to use each mode will ensure your child gets the most out of this toy.

Slide the power switch, located next to the keyboard, to "On." Select either "Low Volume" or "High Volume."

Use the buckles on the front of the seat to adjust it, ensuring that your baby's feet touch the floor. Move the buckles closer together to raise the seat and further apart to lower the seat.

Place the baby in the seat putting each leg through a leg hole. Your baby will have access to all features of the Step & Play Piano from this central position. As your baby learns to walk, the seat will slide along the rails automatically. No adjustments are required.

Convert your Step and Play Piano to a toddler play area when they have outgrown the seat. Press the seat lock buttons underneath the upper rails, allowing the seat to be removed.

Slide the seat all the way to the edge. With the seat lock buttons pressed in, the seat will slide out of the Step & Play Piano, transforming the toy into a toddler play area. Replace the seat by sliding it back in and pressing the seat lock buttons.

Remove the seat ring and pad for cleaning by pressing down on any notch on the bottom of the seat base and pulling up on the seat ring. The pad is easily removed off the seat ring and is machine washable.