Family Scrapbooking Ideas

Scrapbooking provides you with the opportunity to cement memories and hilarious anecdotes into a concrete form. Scrapbooking as a family lets you record the memories faster and get the individual input of each family member as you collectively work to record your memories 2. By using kid-friendly layouts, a variety of pictures and simple tasks, you can allow each member of your family to contribute to your finished product.

Then and Now

Making a scrapbook album or layout featuring multiple generations can pique the interest of family members of all ages. Include black and white pictures of Grandma, paired with colorful photographs of a younger child to display contrast. Convert colored photos into black and white pictures. Let everyone get involved by encouraging younger kids and older relatives to write out their thoughts on card stock that you send them. Include black and white embellishments for a vintage appearance.

Family Collage

Having a family collage can help you introduce your kids to distant relatives. Cut out pictures of a variety of family members and let your younger kids glue and stick the pictures to the scrapbook page. Using pictures that are the same size in a grid pattern gives the album a uniform look.

Travel Galore

Include pages in your family album that are kid-friendly, such as pages about local trips and longer vacations. Kids can take part in each part of this project. Let a kid take over the photography duties to get candid shots of the family. You may even wind up with photos that have a different angle than traditional shots due to their smaller stature. Let kids write about the places where they have traveled and fast facts about the area. Place small photos around the entirety of the page and then write your impressions of the vacation in the middle of the page.

Family Tree

Making a family tree scrapbook album or layout teaches your kids about their genealogy while also giving them a chance to create a charming layout. Let kids trace the shape of a tree from a stencil and then add pictures of each family member where they belong in the family tree.

Family Reunion

Family reunions provide a rare opportunity to take pictures of all the family members. Include reunion pages in your family album that feature pictures and names for each family member. Place some cardstock and a few family pictures at a table during the reunion to get rare impressions from these individuals to include in the album.