How to Make a Baby Weight Pool Chart

When someone is expecting, it’s not unusual for more than just the soon-to-be parents to get excited about the pregnancy. As the big day nears, friends, family and coworkers will often start making guesses concerning the new arrival -- including how much the baby will weigh. Creating a baby weight pool chart is a fun way for everyone to make their guesses known – and to share their excitement and anticipation. Making such a chart is really quite simple.

Write a title for the pool at the top of a large sheet of poster board 1. For example, "Baby Isabella's Weight Pool" if you already know the baby’s name, or "Natalia's Baby Weight Pool" if you don’t.

Draw a grid chart on the rest of the board with a ruler to keep the pool neat. You'll need at least 11 columns and 16 rows to make a chart for guesses up to a baby weight of 10 pounds, 15 ounces. Add an extra column for every pound and an extra row for every ounce.

Write “Pounds” in the top, left grid square and “Ounces” directly below it in the same square. Write the numbers 1 through 10 across the top grid squares -- and the numbers 1 through 15 down the left side. Use a pink marker if you know the baby is a girl, a blue marker for a boy, or a gender neutral color, such as green or orange, if the baby's sex is going to be a surprise.

Have friends, family or coworkers guess what they think the baby's birth weight will be. To claim a particular weight, instruct everyone to move across the top of the grid to the pound they’re guessing and then down the grid to the ounce -- and to write their names in the corresponding grid square with the colored markers. You can allow only one person per square or let multiple people claim the same square – but then they'll have to share the winnings if they guess correctly.


Baby pool charts make wonderful keepsakes of the final weeks of pregnancy. You can make a variety of other baby pools to give participants plenty of chances to win. Make a chart to guess the date and time of birth, the total hours of labor, the baby's hair color or the baby's length.

If you're the crafty type, you can create a border around the chart and decorate it with hand drawn baby items, stickers or sticky foam shapes.

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