What to Write in a Bible for a Baby

In many Christian families, a baby receives a Bible when he is born, christened or dedicated. The Bible could be a gift from the church, godparents, family or friend. Some gift Bibles have special pages for writing notes and information. The family could be the best source for some page contents, but a non-family member can also write special notes and information in the Bible.

Baby's Personal Information

The Bible has a page for entering important information about the baby, such as birth date, name, birth weight and length, names of family members and the date of the baby’s dedication or christening. You could write loving thoughts for the baby’s future or copy a favorite scripture, poem or piece of prose on the white space left on the page.

Family Information

Many gift Bibles and family Bibles have pages where you can enter family genealogies. The pages may limit data to three or four generations and have limited space to enter all the children in large families, so you will have to write small if your family is large. Important dates on the genealogy page include dates of birth, death, marriage and christening. Leave space so the child can enter dates for confirmation or first communion, marriage and other significant spiritual events.

Favorite Scriptures

On the inside covers of the Bible, you can write favorite scriptures and how each scripture applies to the child. Use Psalm 128:1-2 to declare that the baby will grow up to respect and love God, thus reaping the benefits of many good things in life 1. Another appropriate scripture is Psalm 127:3, which declares that children are a blessing from the Lord, acknowledging that the baby receiving the Bible is a blessing to his parents and a reward 2. You could write the fifth commandment, found in Exodus 20:12, that will remind this baby to honor his father and mother as he grows up 3. Add to the fifth commandment, Ephesians 6:1-3, where Paul restates the commandment with a reminder that it contains a promise of a good and long life 4.

Personal Thoughts

The person giving the Bible to the baby can include some personal words to the baby, perhaps explaining why she gave the Bible as a gift or about her connection to the baby. She can write a personal blessing for the baby, such as, “May you always know that God loves you and watches over you. May you always have people around you who love and care for you as God cares for his children. I pray daily for you and promise to be there for you should you need me. Blessing on your life, now and always.”

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