How to Bet on Unborn Baby Gender

Predicting the gender of your unborn baby can be entertaining, as well as an amusing way to get family, friends and coworkers involved. Don't put it off too long or ultrasound may spoil the surprise. Get creative and invite a friendly wager, a lighthearted pleasure to help time pass with anticipation. Bonus: The experience will provide a great story to someday share with your child, demonstrating how excited everyone was to welcome him -- or her -- into the world.

Get Social

Social media is the platform heard round the world. Set up a Facebook page or social media page devoted to the big question, and let the games begin. Share the page or hashtag with friends and loved ones, asking them to weigh in on whether they think your child is a boy or a girl. To make things more interesting, post cues based on folklore and some real signs -- without ultrasound -- found at Brigham Young University.

At the Office

Regardless of where you work, get permission from your boss first and then be ready for a laugh when coworkers and clients ask if your baby is a boy or a girl. Whip out your prepared guess chart, with a tally column for each gender. Ask them to predict and sign under the gender they choose. Be quick to amuse when asked what they will get if they win. For example, you might say winners get to come help care for baby while you catch up on some needed sleep.

Make the Call

Invite people you know who may not engage in social media to just pick up the phone. Have them call in their bet and log it on the work tally chart, or create a new one specifically for call in guesses. You could even create a special recording every few days and share hints about what you are craving, or sharing a dream you had about your baby. Find fun ways to predict baby gender, and then incorporate those into your clues.

And the Winner Is…

After your baby is born, take the names of the people who guessed correctly, write them on small slips of paper, fold them, place them in a large container and hold a raffle. You can record it and post it online to share with social media and coworkers, as well as hold the raffle live on the phone, or invite those that can to come and see the baby and be present for the raffle. Provide a nice prize for the winner, and perhaps give small prizes to all those who guessed correctly -- if you didn't have too many contestants. Another option is to collect money for the friendly wagers, and give a proportion for baby needs and a portion to the winner or winners. In the end, your baby will be the biggest winner of all.

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