Things to Write on a Card to an Expecting Mother

Your thoughtfully worded greeting card for an expecting mother shows that you're excited about her big news and can't wait to meet the child. You can help your congratulatory card stand out from the rest by selecting a card that best represents your relationship with the expecting mother, includes a kind message of celebration, and shares advice or pledges support during her pregnancy.

Choose the Right Card

Card stores are loaded with cards to give to expecting mothers, but don't just buy the first one within reach. Instead, take time to read the messages in several cards and find one that not only echoes your sentiments, but is also applicable to your relationship with the woman. For example, some cards are specific to sisters, best friends or colleagues from work. If you already know the baby's gender, look for a card that reflects that message 1. Likewise, a religious card is appropriate in certain instances. Don't limit yourself to the available options; you can also buy a blank card and write your own message or make a homemade card with cardboard and markers.

Offer Heartfelt Best Wishes

A greeting card to an expecting mother is a place to share your best wishes for the woman. Convey this emotion with a phrase such as, "I'm thrilled to hear the news! Hope your pregnancy is a magical time" or "You're going to be an absolutely amazing mother. We're so happy for you." For a mother planning to adopt a child, write a sentiment such as, "I truly admire this step you've taken and respect you for giving a child such a wonderful life." Add an applicable quote about pregnancy to support your message. For example, if you know the mother-to-be loves Winnie the Pooh, write the famous quote, "A grand adventure is about to begin."

Share Advice or Pledge Help

You can use the greeting card as a venue for offering advice to the mother-to-be or pledging to provide any help she needs. If you learned a valuable lesson during your pregnancy, such as, "I found that taking a short walk each really helped me feel at my best when I was pregnant," include that message in your card. Instead of a general sentiment such as, "Let me know if you need anything," offer something specific. For example, write, "I'd love to drop a hot meal off for you once a week. Would that help?"

Conclude Your Message Warmly

Sign your name warmly at the end of the card. For example, write, "With best wishes," and then your name. It's a smart idea to include your last name if you're not extremely close with the expecting mother. She might not recognize your handwriting and, in time, might wonder who sent the card. You can also add a title that provides context. For example, if you're writing to a colleague from work, sign your name and then add, "From ABC Inc." or an applicable term that describes your business.

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