How to Find Out If Someone Had a Baby

You think it's been nine months, but you're not sure if the woman you heard was pregnant has given birth. If giving the mommy-to-be a call isn't an option, you'll need to investigate other avenues. From asking a friend or family member to searching online, some simple detective work can help you to find out if and when someone you know had a baby.

Ask Friends and Family

If you aren't close enough to the new parents to receive your own announcement, ask friends or family members who are. Sending a written birth announcement to family and friends is a traditional way to make the news official, according to etiquette expert Lisa Mirza Grotts in the article "Happy Birth Day: The Etiquette of Birth Announcements." For example, if one of your co-workers went on maternity leave but you aren't sure if she's had the baby yet, ask another co-worker who is close to her 1. In some cases you can also ask family members. If you're close to the pregnant woman's family or she's a member of your extended family, ask a relative who is in the know.

Use Social Media Sites

Seventy-two percent of parents reported using social media sites to announce the birth of their babies, according to a survey by the Baby Center website 1. While you shouldn't cyber-stalk your former college roommate, co-worker or second cousin to see if she's had the baby, you can occasionally take a glance at her page. Keep in mind that some new parents may use the social media site's privacy settings to restrict who can and can't see photos. If you aren't on the mother's "Friends" list, you may not have the ability to see if she has or hasn't had the baby yet. Even if the new mommy hasn't formally announced the birth of her baby online, seeing congratulatory messages to her from other friends and family is a clear sign that the big day has arrived.

Newspaper Notices

For decades new parents have used newspapers to publicly announce births to the community. If you don't see an announcement in the actual paper version of your area's news source, look online. Be aware that as of 2014, the number of people who read print newspapers in on the decline 2. Only 23 percent of people surveyed reported reading a print paper in the past day, according to a Pew Research Center poll. Given the lack of interest in reading a tangible paper, some parents may just opt for the web-based version. Visit the "birth announcements" section of your local paper's website to find out if the person in question has given birth.

Birth Records and Documents

In some instances, you can use birth-record documentation to find out if someone you know has had a baby. In some cases, viewing personal records is restricted to certain family members. For example, in the state of Georgia access to birth records is restricted to the parents, a legal guardian of the child, the baby's grandparents, adult siblings of the parents, adult children of the parents or the mother's spouse 3. If you fit one of these categories you can search for the baby's birth record. Specific rules and regulations regarding the use of birth records may vary depending on the state, county or local privacy laws.

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