How to Start a Baby Pool Guessing Game

The months leading up to the birth of a baby are an exciting time for parents. Share that excitement with your friends and co-workers by inviting them to participate in a baby pool 1. There are many baby characteristics that they can try to predict, from the birth date to the color of the baby's eyes. Find out if your intuition is better than theirs.

Choose the information you want participants to guess in your baby pool guessing game 1. Some possible subjects for guesses include baby's gender, birth date, weight of the baby, length of the baby, eye color and hair color.

Determine how a winner will be chosen. If you are using multiple categories for guessing, assign points for each category for a correct guess. As an example, guessing the sex correctly is worth one point, but guessing the weight within one ounce or length within one inch is worth five points.

Select your entry fee and prize structure. You can have multiple winners with the first place winner receiving 70 percent of all the money received, the second place winner receiving 20 percent, and the third place winner receiving 10 percent.

Create the entry form and make copies for each contestant that wants to play in the baby pool guessing game 1. The form should be created as a fill-in-the-blank format. Consider using "Google Forms" to create forms you can share easily online. List characteristics such as gender, date, weight, eye color and hair color with a space next to each one where the contestant will write his guesses.

Collect the entry forms before a designated deadline date. Set this at least one month ahead of the expected due date, as provided by the parents, to limit the risk of the baby being born before the forms are turned in.

Choose someone to keep the money. He dates each player's entry next to the word "paid" to record that player contributed the money towards the pool. A copy is kept for the organizer, and one is given to the player. To match the theme, purchase a baby bottle and store the money in it by rolling or folding the bills to fit inside.

Wait for the baby to be born and then collect the information from the parents. Total the points for each entry form and award the prizes to the winners.

Send out an email to all the contestants who entered the pool to announce the correct answers a couple days after the baby is born 1. Include the name of the winner in the pool, as well as where each person finished in the contest's standings. Share this information with those that don't have email by calling them or mailing a birth announcement with the correct answers.


Ask the family members and friends of the expectant parents to join the pool also. Add photos of the expectant parents to the entry form to help participants make accurate guesses.


If you feel that awarding money is inappropriate as it may be considered gambling in the office, collect the entry fees and use it to buy a prize such as a gift basket full of cookies and snacks.

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