How to Write a Sincere Letter to Your Stepdaughters-To-Be

Becoming a stepparent can be an exciting but anxious time 2. You want your family to blend without any hiccups, but you know that this melding of two families might be challenging for the children. As you approach your wedding day, taking time to write a sincere letter to your future stepdaughters can express your feelings of excitement. If your stepdaughters aren't entirely receptive to the idea of a new parent, this letter can help them adjust to their evolving family.

Express your excitement about your new blended family. Your stepdaughters might be a bit apprehensive of a new parent, wondering how you will discipline them or what their new family life will be like. Talk about how you look forward to being a part of their lives in the letter. Your words of excitement and encouragement can help minimize anxiety your stepdaughters might have about you.

Offer a special role for your stepdaughters in your wedding ceremony. When you marry their biological parent, you do more than just gain a spouse -- you gain a family. Thus, your stepchildren should be a part of your special day, according to 1. Younger stepdaughters might enjoy the role of flower girl, while older ones might want to read a meaningful passage during the ceremony or stand beside you as junior bridesmaids.

Reveal your plan to ease into a blended family. KidsHealth recommends that stepparents move slowly with their stepchildren. Indicate your desire to ease into the role of stepparent by discussing in the letter how you want to attend your stepdaughter's volleyball match or look forward to dropping them off at school every now and then. These small steps show an interest in their lives without overstepping any boundaries.

Show respect to their biological parents. By mentioning both biological parents in the letter, you can show that you aren't trying to replace one of them. If, for example, your stepdaughters have a strong relationship with their biological mother, note the strength of their bond and say that you would never interfere with their relationship, only hoping to build a relationship of your own.

Show your interest in their lives. You might not know your stepdaughters well yet, but you probably know a lot about them thanks to your spouse-to-be. Throughout the letter, note your stepdaughters' favorite interests and activities. Doing so shows that you want to learn more about their lives as you become a blended family.

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