Family Night-Themed Craft Ideas

According to the 2011 figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women spend roughly 2.6 hours each day on household chores and activities 1. Men spend about 2.1 hours. Combine this with work, social obligations and other tasks, and you will see that many parents have precious little family time. If you want to carve out time to spend with the kids, family night-themed craft ideas provide an easy way for the family to have quality together time.

Family Collage

Commemorate family night activities with a keepsake collage you make. Gather family photos and have the entire gang help you organize them into themes such as holidays, birthdays, vacations or back to school. Start with a collage base. Reuse a cardboard box, by flattening it or cutting off one of the sides to create the base. Ask each family member to choose a few favorite photos, with at least one from each category. Work together to glue the photos to the base. Have each family member take turns placing the photos on the base until the surface is full.

Decorative Clothing

Come together as a group to make your own "family team" T-shirts, sweat shirts or other clothing item. Pre-wash the clothing you plan to use before the crafting starts. Insert a piece of scrap cardboard in between shirt layers to keep the designs from transferring through from the front to the back. Brainstorm a family design. Choose a family crest, a meaningful picture or just use your family's name. Using nontoxic fabric paints or markers, have each family member draw the design onto the clothing items. Add a sprinkle of glitter to puffy fabric paint to create a special sparkle for your family night craft.

Photo Frame

Every time that you schedule a family night, pick up and unfinished wood frame from your local arts and crafts supply store. Set up a tripod and take a family photo on your special parent-child night. Have the whole family help to paint the frame with tempera, adding a decorative pattern such as polka dos or stripes. Another option is to glue on craft foam shapes or letters that spell your family's name. After the paint dries, print the photo and then frame it.

Hand Print Art

If your child won't let you hold his hand just like he did when he was small, make an artistic representation of his hand that will last for a lifetime. Pour tempera or finger paints onto a paper plate. Have each family member dip one hand, palm down, into the paint. Collectively, press your hands on the same piece of construction or card stock paper. After the paint dries, have each person can sign his name next to his hand.