How Do I Attach the 5 Point Harness on My Peg Perego Pliko?

Peg-Perego manufactures baby products such as toys, high chairs and strollers. The Pliko is a Peg-Perego stroller that comes with a five-point harness. A five-point harness system is a common safety belt system whereby the child is secured to the seat with straps or webbing that cover the child’s hips and shoulders and the straps buckle to a safety point on the seat between the child’s legs.

Locate the Center Safety Strap in the Pliko

Begin by placing your child in the seat of the Pliko stroller. The child’s back should be flush against the back of the seat and the child’s legs should hang comfortably over the edge of the seat. Locate the safety strap on the seat between the child’s legs and pull it out and away from the child to make it easier to latch onto. This safety strap has a black plastic piece at the center where two clips can be fastened.

Fasten the Shoulder Straps to the Hip Straps

Next, take the shoulder straps and drape them over your child’s shoulders. Notice the plastic bar at the bottom of each strap. That bar fits comfortably over the black plastic clip located near the child’s hips. Find the black plastic clip near the child’s hip and slide the plastic bar of the shoulder strap over the top of the clip; repeat this step for the second clip. With the shoulder straps fastened to the black plastic clips near the child’s hips, slide one of the clips into the center safety-strap until you hear a “click.” Repeat this step for the other strap.

Tighten the Harness System

Finally, pull the webbing near the black plastic clip away from the child (to the side) to tighten the straps. Tighten each strap so that it is snug yet not so constricting as to cause discomfort for the child. A good rule of thumb is that if you can fit two fingers between the straps, yet still have them be tight, it is probably tight enough. Finish the harness off by adjusting the shoulder bar. Have your child lean forward and slide the shoulder bar up so that it rests just above the child’s shoulder blades.

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