DIY Full Size Bed Frame to Queen Size

Converter bed rail kits allow a homeowner to use a full size headboard on a frame that supports a queen size mattress 1. The kit includes all necessary hardware and a center support leg for stability. A bed conversion kit saves the added expense of a new queen bed frame and headboard while allowing the original full size frame and headboard to be used.

Place the left side rail into the headboard slots and press the hooks firmly downward to attach. Repeat with the right side rail.

Grasp the center support rail near the right side rail near the head of the bed frame. Swing it inwards toward the center of the bed. It swivels out from where it is attached at the center of the right side rail. Pull the center support rail attached to the left side rail to the center in the same manner.

Step into the bed frame. Slide the C clamp onto the overlap of the two pieces of the center support rail. Turn the Allen wrench closure clockwise and tighten to hold the center support rail together as one piece.

Place the large wing nut on the end of the adjustable leg with threads and turn it clockwise until it is close to the leg's foot. Place the plastic socket on the threaded end of the leg and turn clockwise until it is tight. Slide the plastic socket into the leg retainer on the center support of the bed frame. Hold the leg with one hand and turn the foot clockwise until it is firmly on the floor. Turn the wing nut counterclockwise until it is tight against the center support frame.

Place an L bracket on the left rail of the bed about 1/2 way between the headboard and the center support of the frame. Place a bolt into the bolt hole from the top of the frame. Slide a washer over the bolt from the bottom and tighten a small wing nut clockwise from underneath without fully tightening. Place another L bracket on the left side of the bed about 1/2 way between the foot board and the center support of the frame in the same manner.

Place the remaining two L brackets on the right side of the bed lining them up across from the L brackets you just installed in the same manner. Place the queen size box spring on the frame and tighten each of the small wings nuts on the L brackets fully to hold the box springs in place.


The L brackets on the sides of the frame support the added width of the queen size mattress on the full size frame.

The original full size headboard will attach to the bed frame conversion kit.