Cosco Car Seat Scenera Installation Instructions

A Cosco car seat Scenera is a convertible car seat. The seat can be installed “rear facing” for babies who are under the age of one and weigh under 35 pounds. The seat can also be used “forward-facing,” for babies who are over the age of one and weigh more than 35 pounds.

Rear Facing Installation

Pull the recline stand down and rotate it clockwise into the car seat. This will recline the car seat completely. Ensure that the line which indicates “seat level” is on an even plane while placing the car seat.

Locate the seat belt slot and buckle the seat belt through it, adjusting it to make the car seat as stable as possible 1.

If your vehicle is equipped with a Latch System, you need to install it first 1. A latch system for smaller children consists of tethers and lower anchors. This system spreads through the Cosco Car Scenera and not the lap shoulder belt. After it has been threaded, simply clasp it to the other metal latch anchor which is located in the car. Never use both the latch as well as the lap shoulder belt simultaneously.

Forward Facing Installation

Position the care seat in the upright or reclining mode when placing it. Push the lock upward and rotate the stand, which is located at the bottom, for the upright mode.

Pull the handle downward and rotate the handle toward the car seat to achieve the reclining mode 1.

Adjust the Cosco car seat Scenera in such a manner that it fits snugly with the seat of your vehicle.

Use the belt hole, which is located at the rear of the car seat padding, and thread the lap or shoulder belt through it, buckling it tightly on the other side. Adjust the seat belt if necessary to ensure it is firmly fit inside the car 1.

Attach the latch hooks to the anchors that are located on either side of the car. In case there is no latch system in your vehicle, simply clasp the latch hooks onto the sides of your car seat.