How to Convert a Storkcraft Crib to a Full Size Bed

The Storkcraft 3-in-1 crib converts from a standard crib to a daybed and then a full size bed. This crib grows with your baby, preventing you from needing to purchase separate beds as your child outgrows the crib or transitions from a toddler bed. The Storkcraft crib includes most of the necessary hardware to convert the crib to a full size bed. Order the bed frame rails from Storkcraft, and purchase a full size mattress from a mattress retailer or department store.

Remove the bolts securing the stationary side rail to the crib with an Allen wrench. The side rail of the crib has four bolts total, one on the top and one on the bottom of each end of the stationary side rail.

Remove the bolts on each end of the mattress support with an Allen wrench. Unhook the mattress support and set it aside.

Unhook the drop-side rail from the claws on the track, supporting the two end boards. Set the drop-side rail aside with the stationary side rail. Set the end boards aside with the mattress support.

Remove the claws from the drop-side rail with a flat-bladed screwdriver. Set the claws aside. Insert the barrel posts into the end cross bars on the top and bottom of the drop-side rail. Attach the footboard posts to each side of the drop-side rail by threading the bolts into the barrel posts. Tighten the bolts with an Allen wrench.

Install the mattress frame using bolts to secure each end of the frame on the headboard and footboard. Place a washer on the bolt before inserting it into the hole. Tighten the bolts with an Allen wrench. Add the mattress to complete the bed.