What Are the Most Compact Double Strollers?

Shopping for a double stroller to meet your needs can be daunting. Double strollers come in either tandem or side-by-side configurations, and there are a very wide range of prices and features available. If you are planning to transport the stroller in your car or travel with it, compactness will be key. Side-by-side strollers tend to be more compact when folded, but there is always a risk your model will be too wide to fit through doorways. There are several models of compact double strollers available, though their compactness is often at the expense of storage space and luxury features.

Baby Jogger

The City Mini Double Stroller by Baby Jogger boasts a simple one-handed folding design that makes it ideal for storing in your car for quick trips in and out of stores. It also comes with optional car seat adapters to accommodate infants, which makes it ideal for twins. The folded dimensions are 31 by 29.75 by 11.25 inches, and that can be decreased to 31 by 29.75 by 7 inches if you remove the wheels. At 29.75 inches wide, the City Mini Double can also fit through all standard doorways.


The Inglesina Twin Swift uses an umbrella-style closing system to fold very compactly. Like the City Mini Double, it has reclining back rests and independently adjustable sun visors, but storage is not as ample on the Twin Swift. The dimensions when folded are 18 by 41 by 10.6 inches. The Twin Swift also fits through all standard doorways, with a width of 29 inches.


The folded dimensions of the Maclaren Twin Triumph are 12 1/2 by18 3/4 by 43 inches. The Triumph lacks some of the padding of the more expensive Techno model, also made by Maclaren, but this is what allows it to be more compact. The stroller is an umbrella-style one much like the Inglesina Twin Swift, and the wheels are 4 1/2 inches in diameter 1. At 28 1/2 inches wide, the Triumph will fit through all standard doorways.

Peg Perego

The Aria Twin by Peg Perego has a telescopic handle and independently reclining seats. The folded stroller can stand on its own, and a handle attached to the side makes transportation easy. The folded dimensions are 37.5 by 31 by 12.17 inches, which makes it bigger than many of the other compact double stroller options, but this is because this premium model comes with many extra features such as substantial padding and child trays. The stroller can accommodate only one car seat, which means that it will not work for infant twins, though it is ideal for parents of a baby and an older child.

Jeep Twin Stroller

A budget option for double strollers is the Jeep Twin Stroller 1. Built like a standard umbrella stroller, the Jeep is not sturdy nor does it drive well over rugged terrain, but it is very compact when folded, at 14.5 inches by 44 inches by 10 inches 1. This stroller fits through all standard doorways, but its 3-point harness and lack of car seat adaptability means that it is not for infants, but rather for children already able to sit up on their own.