How to Add Rubber Bands for Traction on Ride-On Toys

Adding rubber bands to the tires of ride-on toys helps add traction. It also helps to protect plastic tires, dampen tire noise, and provide safer steering for the toy. Children will require less help with their toys and will enjoy a new sense of independence when traction bands are added to their favorite ride-on toys.

Clean all the wheels with soap and water, using the wire brush or sandpaper in the middle where the rubber band will set. Be sure to rinse away all soap, and dry thoroughly.

Remove the battery from the ride-on toy if it is equipped with one, and place the vehicle on its side with the wheels facing up.

Stretch the rubber band out by placing your fingers inside and creating a stretched oval.

Stretch the traction band over the tire by starting at the top of the tire and working the rubber band over the sides and then over the bottom of the tire

Center the traction band over the toy's tire. Spin the tire to ensure the band is properly placed in the middle of the tire.

Fold the rubber band back or lift the traction band up to put adhesive on. You should use about half an ounce of glue per tire.

Wipe away any extra glue that oozes out from under the rubber band with a paper towel or a rag. Make sure to remove the excess glue while the glue is still wet. Allow the glue to dry per manufacturer’s directions before allowing the child to ride on the toy.


If the band is too tight to fit over the wheel, you can place one foot inside the band and stretch it upwards with your hand until it loosens some. Band should be very tight and fit snuggly. Typically the glue will be dry 24 hours after application.


Do not glue leave excess glue to dry on wheel. It will be nearly impossible to remove it from the wheel. Do not allow your child to ride the vehicle before the glue is completely dry.

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