How to Build an Airplane Out of Legos

You can build an airplane out of Legos using several flat pieces. These are among the most common types of Legos. They are found in virtually every Lego set. Building a Lego airplane is therefore both easy and cool.

Set up the base of the Lego airplane. Position several flat Lego pieces the way they are laid out in the photograph. You will need three 2x8-dimpled Lego pieces, two 1x8 Lego pieces, a 2x2 square and a 2x4 rectangle.

Secure the base of the Lego airplane with more flat Lego pieces. Position them on top of the base of the Lego airplane the way you see in the photograph. Notice that the second layer is positioned one dimpled row back of the row below it. This gives the Lego airplane a sloped-back aerodynamic look. Thin and flat Lego pieces hold the wings together at the ends. Use 1x4-dimpled pieces or several 1x2s.

Add windows and color to the next layer. Alternate clear flat pieces and colored flat pieces to give the look of windows. Position this layer one dimpled row back of the layer below it to continue the aerodynamic look. You can use any color that you want.

Turn the Lego airplane over. Add wheels to the front and the wings. Position them as you see in the photograph. Create another layer of flat Legos that extend one dimpled row forward of the layer above it.

Complete the top of the Lego airplane. Use more flat Lego pieces and position them one dimplef row back of the window layer. This will leave one window exposed at the top as you can see in the photograph. If you have Lego engines, position them on top toward the rear.

Finish with the tail of the Lego airplane. If you have a Lego tail, place it at the rear of the Lego airplane and top it with an eight-dimpled flat piece. If you don't have a Lego tail, you can use Lego blocks that angle downward. Your Lego airplane is now complete.