Baby Shower Welcome Banner Decorations

When you're hosting a baby shower, you want to make it a memorable experience for the mom-to-be from the time she walks into the event. Decorating your venue with a welcome banner adds a personalized touch to your decor. Choose a color scheme and theme that matches the shower -- and the mom-to-be's interests, of course -- and you'll welcome your guests to the baby shower in a festive and memorable way.

Baby Picture Banner

The mom-to-be -- and her guests -- might anxiously await the arrival of the baby to see just who he takes after. Does he have Mom's eyes or Dad's curly locks -- or both? Satisfy your guests' curiosity by creating a baby shower welcome banner adorned with baby pictures of the mom- and dad-to-be. You might need the help of the guest of honor's family to secure enough pictures for your banner, but your effort will be worth it. The mom-to-be and her pals will enjoy the walk down memory lane as they anticipate the birth of the baby.

Nursery Theme

If your guest of honor has already designed a nursery theme for her little one, carry that theme through your shower as well. In fact, some of the decor and gifts can be suitable for the baby's nursery once the shower is over. Create a welcome banner with that theme in mind. If, for example, the new baby's room will be decked out in a jungle theme, you can use twine to create the banner, and hang cutouts of monkeys, elephants and lions from the twine for a distinctively jungle feel. This banner idea might require a little snooping on your party -- check out the mom-to-be's registry for an idea of her nursery theme.

Name or Monogram

Welcome your guests to the baby shower by celebrating the little one's name -- if the parents have chosen it, of course. If they have -- and they're willing to share the big news -- use colorful card stock or scrapbook paper to cut out the letters that spell the baby's name. Loop some coordinating ribbon at the top of each letter, and tie it to a longer piece of ribbon to create a banner. You can easily match this banner to your shower color scheme as well 1.

Baby Clothes Banner

Let your baby shower welcome banner double as a gift for the parents-to-be. Select some baby clothes to display at the shower and then give to the guest of honor. Short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts or onesies are the staple outfit of a newborn, so opt for these easy-to-display items. Hang a string to serve as the base of your banner, and attach the clothes to it with clothespins. For an even more personalized banner, choose solid-colored baby clothes, and allow guests to decorate them with fabric pens before the guest of honor arrives.