The Best Toddler Bike Helmets

When you're riding your bike with your toddler in tow, you want that precious cargo to be as safe as possible. Wearing any properly-fitting helmet is going to be far better than wearing no helmet at all -- but if you're looking for the best toddler helmets for your little one, check out a few of the standout brands.

Brands to Look For

In terms of brands, look for Lazer, Bern, Bontrager, Giro and Specialized brand helmets, suggest the Two Wheeling Tots and the A Child Grows websites 1. A few models of Bell brand helmets, while they tend to be less expensive than other brands, can also provide adequate protection for your toddler. The best helmets for toddlers will be as lightweight as possible -- your toddler can't hold up a lot of weight with his little head -- and will have a rear stabilizer near the back of the head that will help keep the helmet from slipping around. Helmets should also fit snugly and sit one or two fingers above the eyebrows with little slippage to the right, left or front and back, reminds the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration.