What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

How to Make an Impression with a Special Message for the Parents-to-Be

Bust through writer's block with funny, sentimental and creative message ideas for baby shower cards.

Not everyone has the chops to write for Hallmark, but you can still craft a thoughtful message for your next baby shower card. The best baby shower card messages go beyond the typical "Congrats" sentiment to make the note special in some way. Find inspiration in these message ideas.

Importance of the Baby Shower Card Message

The parents-to-be receive a lot of cards and gifts, so does the message on your card really matter? What you write on the card isn't a life-changing decision, but it makes the expectant parents feel special when you write a thoughtful, personal or clever note. The baby shower is a chance to make the new mom feel loved and honored. Plus, it's the last hurrah before her life changes completely. Commemorating it with a special card adds to that excitement.

Write from the Heart

If you're close to the guest of honor, a sentimental message from the heart is an effective approach. You might share a special memory you have with the mom-to-be. If you've been friends since kindergarten, recount your childhood plans of having a family of 10. Remind her of all the times you've been there for each other before, and let her know you're still there for her. This option is very personal and makes a lasting keepsake for the recipient.

Make It Funny

If you're a naturally funny person, it makes sense to liven up the card message with a touch of humor. Consider the parents-to-be and their sense of humor when penning your witty message. You may be the queen of sarcasm, but the message can rub the mom and dad the wrong way if they aren't fans.

Make them laugh with one of these options:

  • Hello, sweet baby girl! Goodbye, showers, sleep and home-cooked meals!
  • We're so excited to meet your new mini Overlord!
  • Here's to parenthood: the scariest (and most rewarding) hood you'll ever experience.

Go the Advice Route

Have parenting experience of your own? Share that wisdom with a little friendly advice. Just be careful not to come off as bossy or know-it-all. You probably know how much unsolicited advice new parents receive on a daily basis.

Try some of this sage but not overbearing advice:

  • Trust your mom instincts. You know what's best for your baby! 
  • They always say to sleep when baby sleeps. Easier said than done! Call me when you need a nap, and I'll watch your little one.
  • Your sweet little bundle of joy is about to take up every free minute of your time. Call me when you need a home-cooked meal. I deliver!

Direct It to the Baby

Ramp up the cuteness factor with a message addressed directly to the baby. It'll be several years before junior can read the message himself, but it's a creative way to share your wishes for health, happiness and good sleep with the expecting parents. You can also use the message as a way to point out what you love most about the parents.

Some creative options include:

  • I can't wait to see whose smile you have. I'm so excited to meet you, little one!
  • My wish for you is to grow up to be just as kind, loving and funny as your mama and papa. You're one lucky baby!
  • Your mommy and daddy have been waiting a long time for you to arrive. We're all just as excited to see your beautiful face!

Tips for Nailing the Message

You have an idea of what you want to say. Now finish it off with just the right amount of polish and flair. These tips can help:

  • Think about what you would want to hear, especially if you're already a parent.
  • Look at your cards from your baby shower to find inspiration.
  • Write the message on a separate piece of paper first to make sure it says what you want.
  • Consider the recipient's personality when writing your message. Some moms-to-be appreciate humor, while others like classic, sentimental wishes.
  • Make it personal, no matter which direction you go. Add a special touch that shows your personality and addresses the mom-to-be.
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