How to Reset a Furby

Although the 2012 iteration of Furby and its 2013 successor, Furby Boom, added features such as smartphone app interaction and the ability to produce virtual offspring, these variations feature ever-evolving personalities, much like the original 1990s model. Resetting your Furby when it runs low on batteries refreshes the creature's energy while retaining its learned personality, but the toy's hidden hard reset feature wipes the slate completely clean, making it a useful trick for Furbies that have developed nasty quirks.

Refreshing Furby

Remove the Furby's bottom cover using a small, Phillips-head or very small flat-head screwdriver.

Take all four AA batteries out of the battery compartment. Let the Furby rest for about 60 seconds.

Replace the batteries with new ones and immediately push the small refresh button, a tiny round button located on the perimeter of the battery compartment 4. Use a pen or another fine-tipped tool to hold the button down for two seconds, which refreshes your Furby 4.

Replace the bottom cover, securing the screws with your Phillips-head screwdriver.

Resetting Furby

Hold your misbehaving Furby upside down and stick your finger in its mouth to depress its tongue.

Keep the Furby upside down with its tongue pressed, and then pull its tail.

Hold the tail for at least 10 seconds. The Furby sleepily springs to life with a fresh personality, just as it did the first time you activated it.


If your Furby repeatedly goes to sleep, it's time to change the batteries and perform a refresh.

If your Furby has fresh batteries but is still acting odd or sleeps too much, remove the bottom cover and hold the reset button for two seconds. Furby retains his personality data, but this helps clear up strange behavior.

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