Furreal Instructions

Hasbro’s FurReal Friends toys are mechanical plush animals that interact with their owners. Owners play with the animal by petting it or feeding it toy food. The pet responds by moving its body and making noises. Some FurReal Friends even respond to your voice or allow you to ride them.

Initial Setup

Though most FurReal pets come pre-assembled, larger pets may require some basic assembly before use. The Butterscotch Pony, for example, requires you to fit its head onto its body; simply snap the head into place, insert the three screws into the sides of the pony’s neck, and zip the fur shut to cover the neck connection.

Pull back the plush flap that covers the battery compartment, which is usually located on the pet’s underbelly. With a screwdriver, unscrew the battery compartment cover. Insert the required batteries into the battery compartment. Replace the battery cover, and screw it into place. Turn the power switch near the battery cover to “On.”

Interacting With Your FurReal Friend

FurReal Friends have multiple sensors on their bodies so that they can “feel” you petting them. Pet your FurReal Friend to see how it responds 1. Try scratching its cheeks, petting its back or grabbing its tail. Watch how it responds to each type of interaction, and listen for the sounds that it makes. Learn what your FurReal likes and what it doesn’t.

Some FurReal Friends come with accessories. Biscuit, the FurReal dog, comes with a biscuit treat that you can feed him as a reward. Butterscotch Pony comes with a brush that you can use to groom her. Use the accessories to add another layer of interaction with your FurReal Friend.

Some FurReal animals have additional interactive traits. Biscuit responds to voice commands; try telling him to “sit” or “lie down.” Butterscotch Pony will make walking noises when you sit on her back and tap her hindquarters.

If you leave your FurReal Friend alone for three to five minutes, it will go to sleep. Scratch its head or pet its back to wake it up again. If you are going to leave your FurReal Friend alone for a long period of time, turn the power switch to off to preserve battery life.

Care and Precautions

To clean your FurReal Friend, brush its fur with a soft brush and wipe it down with a damp cloth. To prevent staining, clean any dirt off the FurReal pet as soon as you notice it. Never put a FurReal pet in the washing machine. If the FurReal pet gets wet, remove the batteries immediately and allow it to dry. Replace the batteries when it is completely dry. Never leave the pet in direct sunlight or near a strong heat source, as high temperatures can damage the pet.

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