How to Clean Power Wheels

Power Wheels are battery-operated toys that allow children to experience driving at a young age. Like all toys, they need to be cleaned and disinfected to keep them fresh and free of germs, especially if they have not been played with for an extended period of time. Taking a few minutes to clean your children's Power Wheels vehicle helps keep them healthy and the toy looking like new.

Remove debris and other objects the toy before cleaning. Check any storage areas, such as the trunk, for toys or debris that may have been stashed away.

Fill a bucket with warm water, and add a few squirts of mild dish detergent to get suds for cleaning the toy. Pour a small amount of bleach in the water -- 1/8 cup bleach to 2 gallons water is sufficient. Bleach helps eliminate any mold or mildew.

Wash the Power Wheel with hand towels dipped in soapy water. Wring out the towels before use so any electrical equipment under the hood of the Power Wheel is not soaked with water. Don't forget to clean the steering wheel and door handles.

Pour out the soapy water, and fill the bucket with clean water. Dip hand towels in clean water, and wring them out to wipe off any soap on the Power Wheel.

Wipe down the surface of the Power Wheel to dry it.

Spray disinfectant over any surfaces of the Power Wheel that come in contact with hands, and allow to air dry.


Nonwax furniture polish helps restore the shine to dulled plastic as well as minimize the appearance of scratches.


Never wash a Power Wheel while it is hooked up to a charger.

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