How to Trim & Fly Mini RC Helicopters

Flying mini RC helicopters is a great way to experience the fun world of RC aircraft. In order to make the most of your flight, it is important that you understand how to properly adjust the trim of your helicopter before learning how to fly it. Once you're familiar with the required adjustments, you'll be able to safely fly your mini RC helicopter.

Trim it

Turn on the remote control, then turn on the helicopter and place it on the ground in a flat, wide-open space. Find an area that is at least as large as a one-car garage and remove any items that could hinder the helicopter from safely lifting off the ground. Try to find an indoor location to minimize wind interference.

Raise the throttle trigger on the controller until the helicopter starts to lift off the ground. Do not let it leave the ground, just give it enough juice so that it starts to slide along the surface.

Take note of what direction it is moving, and adjust the trim accordingly. The trim adjustment is usually a horizontal slider located beneath the steering joystick on the controller. If the helicopter is turning or rotating clockwise, slide the trim to the right to counter the movement. If it moves counter-clockwise, slide the trim adjuster to the left. Move the slider very slowly as trim adjustments are best done in a gradual fashion.

Get Flying

Raise the throttle on the controller to about 3/4 power. The helicopter will lift from the ground and into the air, so control the altitude with gradual adjustments of the throttle.

Ease up on the throttle until you find an equilibrium that allows the helicopter to hover. Try to maintain control as you hover. Change the altitude by altering the throttle power. Raising the joystick will increase power, while lowering it will decrease it.

Use the steering joystick to point the nose of the aircraft in the direction you wish it to travel.

Combine the variables of throttle and steering to direct the helicopter on a chosen course. Practice maintaining supreme control throughout the entire flight.


Do not decrease altitude rapidly as this will cause the helicopter to lose control and crash to the ground.