How to Play Superhero Tag

Remember those long days of summer when you'd play tag out front with all the neighborhood kids? "Superhero Tag" is a variation on all those old tag games, like "TV Tag" and "Statues." It requires quick thinking and a fair knowledge of cartoon superheroes, something most kids are pretty great at remembering. Here are the basic rules for your kids to start up a rousing game with the neighborhood kids.

Decide who is "it." If no one can decide, the oldest kid has to be "it" first.

The kids all spread out while the person who is "it" counts to ten.

When he's done counting, he can chase whoever he wants to chase. If he gets close to a kid, the kid can avoid being tagged by yelling out the name of a superhero and sitting down cross legged. The kid is safe and can't be tagged as long as he's sitting down after saying the superhero's name.

The person who is "it" goes and chases someone else, and the kid sitting down can get up whenever he's ready to join back in the game.

If a kid gets tagged, he is then "it." If a kid can't remember a superhero in time to yell it out, he is "it." If a kid repeats a superhero someone else has used in that round, he is "it." It gets more challenging for kids to think up new superheroes as the game goes on. When someone new is "it," the game starts over.

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