How to Supe Up Power Wheels

Just because you're not old enough to ride a two-wheeler bike doesn't mean that you don't feel the need for speed. You can supe up your Power Wheels. Power Wheels are miniature jeeps and cars for kids, many of which run on 6-volt batteries. A stock Power Wheels runs at approximately two-and-a-half miles per hour. If you swap the 6-volt battery in your Barbie Jeep or mini Corvette for a 12-volt one, you could be blazing around your neighborhood at an impressive five miles per hour.

Ask your parents for permission and help before you begin modifying your Power Wheels. Your mom and dad might not think a faster Power Wheels is a good idea. If they are okay with your plans, you'll need grown-up help implementing them.

Pop open the hood of your Power Wheels. You should see a 6-volt battery that has two wires coming out of it. These wires are attached to the engine via a connector.

Pull the wires gently out of the connector to disconnect the battery from the engine. The wires should come right out.

Lift the 6-volt battery out of the Power Wheels. Put it aside for another project, or take it to an auto parts store to dispose of it.

Place the 12-volt battery in exactly the same spot the 6-volt battery previously occupied.

Insert the wires coming out of the 12-volt battery into the connector leading to the engine. Insert the wires so that the white one connects to the white wire on the connector and the black one connects to the black wire on the connector.

Shut the hood of your Power Wheels. Your vehicle should now run faster.


Wear a helmet when driving your new, faster car.


Adding a larger battery to your Power Wheels could damage your vehicle.