How to Plan a Baby Dedication

Many Christian denominations are moving away from the traditional practice of christening infants by sprinkling them with water. Instead, churches are opting for baby dedication services, where parents bring their child before the congregation to dedicate her life to God and make a promise to help her develop a faithful Christian lifestyle. Baby dedications are joyous occasions for everyone involved and usually involve some type of celebration upon completion of the ceremony. If you want to commit your child to God and start her down a path of faith, start by planning a baby dedication ceremony.

Meet with the pastor or other leaders of the church where you want to have the baby dedication service. Ask about the process involved in dedicating your child to God. Many churches require parents to participate in classes prior to a baby dedication. These classes are designed to help parents recognize the spiritual goals they have for their family and help them develop a plan to achieve these goals.

Set a time and date for the baby dedication ceremony. Some churches include dedication ceremonies as part of the regular church service. Other churches hold baby dedications at a separate time to make the experience more memorable for families.

Plan the dedication ceremony with the help of the church's pastor. Some families choose to include special music, personal videos or slide shows, Scripture readings or a message from the pastor in their baby's dedication service. Talk to the pastor and share your vision for your child's baby dedication, and ask if he has any suggestions or traditions to add to the ceremony.

Decide where you will hold the post-ceremony celebration for your child's dedication. Some churches have dining halls intended for this type of occasion. Parents can also plan to have a small celebration at their home or another location following the ceremony. Organize the food and decorations for the celebration. Some parents provide homemade food and ask participants to bring a dish for the event while others choose to hire a caterer.

Invite friends and family to the baby dedication ceremony 1. Include anyone who you want to share this special event with, even people who aren't Christians or active in a church. Some parents have invitations printed professionally or make them on their home computer. Others place an announcement in the church's weekly or monthly bulletin. You can also send invitations through email or use word of mouth.

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