Car Games for Long Drives With Teenagers

Road trips can be fun at first, but long car rides can get boring, especially for teenagers. Taking a road trip with teens requires a little creativity to keep them entertained in the car 2. Unlike smaller kids who are content with playing I spy or count the cows, teenagers likely won’t be amused by those activities. Instead, play car games that are more geared toward their age group, some of which little kids and adults might enjoy, too.

Name That Tune

Most teens love music, so challenge their knowledge by playing this radio game, which can be fun for adults, too. You can make your own variations of the game, but the general rule is that everyone in the car is competing to see who can guess the names of the most songs. Most newer vehicles come with radios that list the song name and the singer on the display window, which makes it even easier to play. Set a timer with a designated amount of time -- say, two minutes. One person pushes the seek button on the radio and another person is guessing the songs to see how many they can get in that designated amount of time. Then it’s on to the next player. Whoever guesses the most songs by the end of the round wins.

Twenty Questions

The classic guessing game of twenty questions is fun for kids of all ages, even teenagers. One player thinks of a person, place or thing while the other players get to ask up to 20 yes or no questions to guess whom she’s thinking of. The first person to guess correctly wins that round and then it's the next person to think of a person, place or thing.

The Word Game

Bring along some pencils and paper to play this fun word game with teens. Designate one person to keep time. This person will also pick the letter to be used to make words. She shouts out the letter, then the players write down as many words as they can that start with that letter. Set the time to one minute, two minutes or even 30 seconds. Once time is up, whoever has the most words wins. To make the game more fun, once the players have their group of words, set the time for another minute or two and each player has to write a sentence with as many words from their list as possible.

Two Truths and One Lie

This game is especially fun if the teens in the car are new friends and trying to learn more about one another, which could happen on a church or class field trip. Each person takes turns being “it.” That person says three things about themselves, two of them true and one that’s a lie. The other players then hold up their fingers -- either one, two or three -- to indicate which statement they think is the lie. The “it” person then reveals her answer and someone else in the group is “it.” While there’s no real winner or strategy to this game, it’s an interesting way to learn more about people.

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