Guessing Games to Play for Teens

Whether your teen is having a birthday party at your home or just having some friends over to hang out, keeping the teens busy is the best way to avoid them getting into mischief. If your teen and her friends start to get bored or restless, engage them a variety of guessing games that will have them laughing, thinking, challenging each other and having an all-around good time.

Music Guessing Games

Put together a play list of current songs that are popular with teenagers. Give the teens a sheet of paper and a pencil. Play three to five seconds of each song. The teens must write down what they think each song is. You may repeat each clip just once, then move on. The teen with the most correct tunes wins. For another guessing game, divide the teens up into two teams. One person at a time comes up and picks a song title out of a hat. The teen must then try to get her teammate to guess the title using only a description and no gestures. For each song title, list three or four common descriptive words that the teen cannot say, to make it even more challenging.

Movie Guessing Games

Divide the teens into two teams for an epic movie trivia game. Have a minimum of four categories of movie questions such as "movie couples" and "unusual characters." Write the categories on a white board and list a point value for questions in each category. Teams must be the first to buzz in after a question is asked. If they get it correctly, they receive the corresponding amount of points and continue until they get an answer wrong. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. You can also have the teens play a picture matching movie game. Lay out partial pictures of popular teen movies and have the kids race to match up the picture with the correct movie name.

Guys' vs. Girls' Games

Divide the teens in girl and guy teams, then have each make a list of their common activities, hobbies and interests. The host then turns those lists into questions to ask the opposite team. Whichever team gets the most answers correct about the opposite sex wins. Another idea is to have a list of quotes relating to gender from famous people throughout history. The teams write down whether they think the person who said the quote is male or female. Give a bonus point if they can name the person. This is ideal for high school teens who have been exposed to a wide variety of literature and may be familiar with some of the people connected to the quotes.

Food Guessing Games

Purchase a bunch of different types of baby food and remove the labels from the jars. Blindfold the teens and give the teens a tiny spoonful from each jar. The teens must write down what flavor they think they are tasting. Make it increasingly difficult by including baby food with a two or three flavors combined, such as peas, carrots and chicken. For another game, put different types of food, each with a different type of texture, into the bowls. You might include orange peels, cooked spaghetti, cake, cooked chicken and melted cheese. The teens must stick their hand in the bowls and identify each item only by a three-second touch. The teen who can identify the most food items wins.

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