How to Repump an Airgo Pogo Stick

The Airgo Pogo Stick, made by Razor, is innovative technology in the world of pogo sticks 12. Pogo sticks have been a popular children's toy for decades 1. Today they are used for recreation and as an exercise device. The Airgo in different because it utilizes air pressure to propel the jumper instead of a traditional spring. To make the pogo stick more or less bouncy, change the air pressure.

Set the air resistance in the pole of the pogo stick based on your weight and height. The pogo stick comes with a manual that gives suggested resistance settings. Beginners should start with the lowest setting until they are used to balancing and jumping at the same time.

Step onto one of the foot pedals, bearing most of your weight on that side.

Quickly move your other foot to the empty foot pedal. Hold your torso over the handles to balance on the pole.

Push down with your legs to pump air into the pole. This fills the pole with air, using the built-in air compressor. When the pogo stick lands on the ground after a jump, your weight compresses the air inside the pole, creating resistance to relaunch you into the air. More resistance means higher jumps.

The pole will repump and fill with air on each jump automatically, based on the resistance setting.


Wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads to keep safe while using a pogo stick.

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