Problems with the Leapfrog Globe Pen

The Leap Frog Globe is a wonderful way to broaden your child's global horizons 1. Helping them learn about the world around them starts with geography. But it can be frustrating when this pricey educational toy stops working. The most common problem with the Leap Frog Globe occurs with the stylus pen 1.

How the Pen Breaks

The stylus pen for the Leap Frog Globe is essential to playing with this toy, but can easily break in the hands of your child 1. When an excited child wants to share a new bit of information with those around him, his excitement translates to carrying the globe around by the stylus pen. Or, siblings get into a tug-of-war over the toy. Whatever the reason, the stress placed on the small electrical wires that attach the pen to the globe sometimes leads to damage. When the wires loosen, the pen's electrical attachment to the rest of the globe is essentially severed.

Playing Without the Pen

Though the globe is still useful as reference for geography, the games programmed into the Leap Frog Globe will most likely be un-playable 1. The pen will no longer be able to send electronic signals to the globe. However, the buttons that cause the globe to rotate will still work.

Replacing the Pen

Leap Frog does offer replacement stylus pens for all its globe systems 1. If your product is still under warranty, you may be able to receive a free or discounted replacement stylus pen through their Web site. However, Leap Frog warranties expire three months after purchase. Also, if the pen was damaged because of the user's techniques, Leap Frog will not consider the damage covered under warranty.

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