How to Authorize Your Nanny to Take Your Child to the Doctor

As a parent, there are many reasons why you would enlist the help of a nanny. Whatever your reasons are, there is a high likelihood that your nanny will have to take your child to a doctor’s appointment at one time or another. In this case, a lot of doctors' offices require that persons other than the parent be previously authorized to bring children in. This is done to protect all parties involved. Different practices have different requirements that must be met before a non-guardian can bring a child in for treatment.

Contact the doctor's office to find out what the procedure is for authorizing someone other than a parent to bring children to the doctor. It may be simply calling ahead of time and giving the name of the person who is bringing in the child, or you might be asked to fill out and submit authorization forms that contain your signature as consent.

Obtain and fill out any forms necessary to authorize your nanny to take your child to the doctor if this is what the office requires. Be prepared to provide your nanny’s name, address, phone number and a copy of her identification. Put your signature on all required forms.

Submit the authorization form either in person, by email or by standard mail. Ask the receptionist what the preferred method is. Retain two copies of all the forms you submit. Keep a set of copies for yourself, and give the other set to your nanny.

Give your nanny your child’s doctor's office information including the address, staff and doctor's names and a copy of your child’s medical card or insurance information.

Call ahead of time as a courtesy whenever your nanny will be bringing your child to the doctor’s office.

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