Top Blogging Topics for Teens

An assortment of free blog platforms on the Internet allow people to set up a blog with little or no experience. Writing blogs not only enhances teens' writing skills, but it also is a way to form a connection with other teens around the world who share their interests. If a teenager does not want to start his own blog, he can still pursue his interests by reading and interacting with other blogs by posting and responding to comments.

Pop Culture

A variety of popular culture topics interest most teens, including books, movies, art, music and video games, according to Support your teen’s interest in reading by encouraging him to start a blog that features book reviews. Teens can write about their local art or music scene, explore a genre or take on a worldwide perspective. Writing reviews or a blog about new releases allows teens to express their point of view about any pop culture subject that interests them.


Blogs about relationships are popular topics. The blogs can focus on romantic relationships or relationships with parents, friends, mentors or teachers. Teen blogs can serve as a platform to vent about the ups and downs of teen relationships. The topics can also address peer pressure, bullying or relationship advice. As teenagers explore their independence, writing or interacting with blogs allows teens to express thoughts, views and emotions with their peers.


Technology is a popular blog topic for teenagers. New gadgets can capture the interests of tech-savvy teens. Whether the blogs discuss gadgets, apps, social media or the latest gaming-related topic, online discussions and articles are an excellent way for teens to delve into their technology interests. Specific blog topics can focus on the newest phones, tablets, laptops or gaming systems 1. Different types of articles you might see on teen technology blogs include new releases, comparison article or reviews.

Social Issues

Teens can express their passions about social concerns, ranging from issues that affect fellow teenagers, their community or the world. Specific topics include addiction, teen sex, politics, religion and the environment 1. Blogs serve as a platform to encourage teenagers’ interests in current events and issues that are affecting society. They also gain awareness of different cultures and people as they explore viewpoints when writing or reading a well-informed article.

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