How to Measure the Size of Doll Babies

Doll babies come in an wide number of sizes and shapes from an large number of manufacturers. When you want to make clothes for your doll or purchase clothes for your doll baby you need to know the size of your doll in order to ensure that the clothes will fit properly. You will need a flat surface to place your doll baby down on in order to get accurate measurements.

Remove any accessories, like shoes and hats. Lay your doll baby down flat on its back.

Measure the height by starting the tape measure at the doll baby's feet and extending it to the top of its head.

Measure your doll's chest width by starting the tape measure directly under one of the arms and extending it straight across the chest to under the other arm.

Measure the doll's waist. Pick up the doll and place the tape measure in center of the waist on the front of the doll. Wrap the tape measure around the waste to meet the start of the tape measure.

Measure the circumference of your doll's hips. Pick the widest point on the doll's upper leg. Starting in the middle front of the doll, wrap the tape measure around to the doll until it meets the start of the tape measure.

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