How to Curl Synthetic Doll Hair

A doll's hair can be styled in a variety of ways. Hair styling is one of the fun benefits of owning a doll. You can enjoy creating everything from braids to cascading curls without damaging her hair if you practice proper doll hair care. Curling can harm the doll's hair, if done incorrectly. Here is a gentle method to curl doll hair.

Gather your curling tools. You need a spray bottle filled with water, a wire brush, metal comb, and doll curlers. The best doll brushes are wire wig brushes. Combs should have metal teeth. They both gently detangle and smooth doll hair without catching on strands and pulling them out. Plastic combs and bristle brushes catch on doll hair and create frizz.. Use curlers designed for dolls for best results. Select the curler that will give you the type of curl desired. The smaller the curler, the smaller the curl. You can find a variety of curlers, brushes, and combs at doll specialty shops.

Prep the doll's hair for curling. Hold the doll between your legs to keep her still or place her in a doll stand. This will make it easier to work on the doll's hair. Use your fingers to finger comb the dolls hair to get rid of any big tangles. Put a hand towel or doll styling cape around her body to keep it dry. Spray her hair with water and carefully untangle her hair with the brush. To untangle, divide her hair into small sections. Take a small section of hair and begin brushing from the ends and work your way up, towards the roots, to eliminate tangles. Once you reach the doll's scalp, you can brush the section in one full brush stroke. Repeat on all sections until the doll's hair is free of tangles. Now you are ready to begin curling.

Determine the desired curler pattern. How you roll the hair will affect how the curls lay. Use the doll comb to divide her hair into sections based on where you will place the curlers.

Roll the hair onto the curlers in sections. Take a section of hair, comb it smooth, and spray it with water until damp. The hair should not be dripping wet. Starting at the ends, carefully wrap the strands around the curler. Roll the curler towards the doll's head. Try to keep the hair smooth and even as you roll it to avoid creating frizzy curls. It may take several attempts to get this right if you are new to using curlers. Repeat on each section until all the hair is rolled.

Let your doll's hair dry in curlers overnight. Keep her upright for fast and complete drying. A doll stand may be helpful.

Once her hair is dry, take the curlers out of the doll's hair. Be careful not to rip out hair as you remove the curlers. When all the curlers are removed, gently comb or brush the doll's hair into the desired style. Your doll should now have beautiful curls.


Use end papers to keep ends neat when rolling hair. End papers can be purchased at beauty supply stores and some doll specialty shops. A spray leave-in conditioner can be substituted for water if your doll's hair is dry.


Never use a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron on a doll. Most doll hair is made of plastic. Heat will melt it. Don't use hair spray, gel, or setting lotion on doll hair.

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