How to Curl an American Girl Doll's Hair

Since 1986, American Girl has created historically accurate, heirloom-quality dolls. To keep the doll in collector's condition, you must properly care for her hair. American Girl doll hair is made of nylon and should be brushed with a wire wig brush. Do not use a curling iron, blow dryer or styling products on synthetic doll hair.

Prepare your doll's hair. Lightly spray her hair with a mist of water and use a pick or wire wig brush to remove tangles. The hair is not rooted; it is a wig. Do not pull or tug on the hair.

Gather a small section of doll hair while still damp. Take a roller and tightly roll the section of hair horizontally, from the bottom up to the scalp, and secure with a pin.

Roll the rest of her hair the same way. Lightly spritz rolled hair with a mist of water.

Wait for the hair to completely dry. Drying time depends on the texture and length of the doll hair. Take one roller out and examine the curl. Remove the curlers if the doll hair is holding curl, and pull the curls apart to style. Keep the doll in curlers if hair is still damp.


Do not use hairspray to style your doll's hair.


Younger children may need adult assistance with curlers.

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