How to Clean Cabbage Patch Dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids are a brand of dolls created by Xavier Roberts in 1978. Xavier Roberts has his signature on the bottom of each Cabbage Patch Kid. Cabbage Patch Dolls come with birth certificates, and they each have their own name and birth date. That makes these dolls collectibles. If you have a Cabbage Patch Doll, you may want to clean it up to see if it is worth any money. You may also want to clean the doll up so you can pass it on to your own child.

Remove the clothing on the Cabbage Patch Doll 1. The clothing can be washed the same way you wash your own clothing. Use a stain stick to pre-treat any stains. Wait two hours and then wash in the washing machine with some laundry detergent, using the cold water setting. Throw in the dryer for thirty minutes.

Fill your bathtub one-quarter full with lukewarm water and some laundry detergent. Pre-treat any stains on the Cabbage Patch Doll's body with a stain stick. Do this two hours before you want to wash it. Work the soapy water in to the doll's body, arms and legs. Do not wash the head: hold the head and hair above the water. Rinse the soap out of the Cabbage Patch Doll and then air dry.

Wash the Cabbage Patch Doll's face with a multi-purpose cleaner and a rag. Start at one end and work your way to the other side. If your doll doesn't have any hair, make sure to wash the top of the head. This will remove regular dirt and grime but not stains.

Use a Magic Eraser to remove any stains. Magic Eraser is strong enough to get out some of the darkest stains and won't harm your Cabbage Patch Doll's vinyl face.

Wash your Cabbage Patch Doll's hair with baby shampoo. Rinse out all of the baby shampoo out when you are finished. If the doll's hair is tangled, apply a small amount of baby oil and then use a comb to work out any knots.

Rub some baby powder on the Cabbage Patch Doll to bring back that sweet smell that the dolls are sold with. If you rub it in well, you won't see the white powder.


You may want to use some fans to help dry the Cabbage Patch Doll faster.


There are some shops online that will restore your doll for a price. Make sure you use a reputable site and get references from others who have used them. Otherwise you may pay full price and not get satisfactory results.

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