How to Make My Own Stick Jig Dancer Doll

Jig dancer dolls, also known as Limberjacks, are wooden dolls that can be made to dance on a piece of wood called a paddle board by holding the dowel that extends from the back of the doll and bouncing the paddle board. The jig dancer dolls originated in Europe and have been made for hundreds of years. For movement, the jig dancer doll has shoulder, knee and hip joints. The jig dancer can be decorated, dressed or left plain.

Draw the doll pieces to be cut out on the wood. The head, neck and body are one piece. Draw two arms, two upper legs and two lower legs on the wood. Don your safety goggles.

Cut the pieces of the doll out using the jigsaw 1. Smooth all of the cut edges with sandpaper.

Drill holes in the knees, shoulders and hips to attach the arms, and legs.

Attach the arms to the doll at the shoulder joints using brads. Attach the lower legs to the upper legs at the knee joints using brads. Attach the legs to the body at the hip joints using brads.

Drill a hole in the doll's back using a drill bit just slightly larger in diameter than the dowel. Insert the dowel into the back and lightly tap on the dowel with a hammer to secure it in place.


Always wear safety eye wear when using a jigsaw.

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