How to Get Baby Oil Out of Hair

Baby oil is often used on the skin to add a protective layer to keep the skin from becoming dry. This gentle oil is used on babies and adults alike and can be used to treat scalp conditions or remove sticky gum from hair. While baby oil is effective, it also adheres strongly to the hair. A normal shampoo process is seldom sufficient for removing baby oil or greasy residue from the hair.

Lean over your bathtub or stand outside, weather permitting. Sprinkle baby powder onto the areas of your hair and scalp that are coated with baby oil. Shake your head to remove excess powder, then allow the baby powder to absorb the baby oil for five minutes.

Pour one tablespoon baby shampoo and one tablespoon liquid hand dish-washing detergent in a bowl. Mix the two ingredients together with a spoon. This combination works together to remove grease and oil from the hair.

Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water and apply half the shampoo and detergent mixture to the area of your hair where the baby oil was applied. Work the mixture into a lather, then apply the rest of the mixture to the remainder of your hair and massage it into your hair and scalp.

Allow the shampoo and detergent mixture to sit on your hair for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and towel dry.


Condition your hair after removing the baby oil if you have dry hair. Use baby oil to soften cradle cap on babies and to help treat scalp psoriasis or dry patches on adult scalps.


Large amounts of baby oil in the hair may require that you wash your hair two to three times to remove the baby oil.

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