How to Identify a Berenguer Doll

First created in the 1940s by Jose Berenguer, Berenguer dolls are known for their unique characteristics and distinct features 1. Berenguer dolls are a collection of dolls with realistic, life-like qualities that distinguish them from other dolls and toys, making them well-known among children and doll collectors 1. Berenguer dolls are available in a variety of collections, such as the Euro Berenguer dolls from Spain, Toddler Friends and the La Newborn Edition 1. Despite the different collections, however, there are several characteristic features common to all Berenguer dolls that help set them apart from others 1.

Examine the face of the doll. Look for realistic features that are human in appearance and not cartoon-like as in other dolls. Berenguer dolls often have expressive faces, such as sleepy faces, inquisitive faces and even angry or upset expressions (as in the newborn collection) 1.

Look for realistic qualities in the arms and legs. Berenguer dolls are known for their intricate details in the limbs of their dolls 1. Look for dimples, folds and wrinkles that make them look lifelike.

Examine the hands and feet of the doll. Check to see if you can see nail beds, wrinkles and knuckles, which add to the realism of a Berenguer doll 1.

Compare the clothing to other doll clothing. Berenguer dolls have high-quality clothing that is realistic and detail oriented 1. For example, some newborn dolls come with a wrist bracelet that resembles what babies receive at the hospital, and many toddler dolls come with a variety of clothing accessories, such as hats, jackets and shoes.

Pick up the doll and feel the weight of it. Ask yourself if it feels realistic – a characteristic of Berenguer dolls 1.

Smell the body of the doll. Authentic Berenguer dolls have scented limbs 1.


Look at pictures online of Berenguer dolls to gain a better understanding of what the dolls look like. Berenguer dolls are generally found online or at specialty collector’s items toy stores.

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