How to Make Bratz Clothes

The commercial doll line Bratz, which is popular among young girls, is known mainly for its modern styling. Unlike other types of fashionable dolls, Bratz dolls are made to emulate current fashion trends among young girls, usually depicting different trend types for each individual doll character. Although the commercial line has many different clothing options from which to choose, you can also make your own doll clothes. You might want to make clothes that suit the style your child likes, or simply create a few different pieces not offered in the line.

Basic Pants

Lay the doll out flat on a sheet of paper 1. Trace around the lower body, from the waist to the ankles, to create a basic trouser shape. Remove the doll.

Take the doll's measurements at the waist, using a piece of string. Measure the string with a ruler to get the waist measurement. Divide this measurement in half, then make sure the top of your pants drawing matches this measurement.

Trace around the outsides of the drawing, adding 1/4 inch to all sides for seam allowances. Cut the drawing from the paper to use as a pattern.

Pin the pattern to a double layer of stretch cotton fabric and cut two pants pieces. Finish the raw edges of the pieces with fabric glue, if your fabric frays.

Fold the waist edges of the pieces under 1/4 inch, and sew them in place. Fold the hem edges under 1/4 inch, and sew them.

Lay the pieces together, right sides touching, and pin the sides of the pants together. Sew 1/4 inch away from the edges. Trim the excess seam allowances, if necessary.

Basic Top

Trace the top of the doll's body onto a sheet of paper. Remove the doll, and alter the shirt design to suit your taste. Add seam allowances of 1/4 inch to the side seams, sleeve hems, neckline and shirt hem.

Cut the pattern from the paper, and pin it to a double layer of fabric 1. Match the shirt shoulders and the top of the sleeves with the folded part of the fabric so you cut the shirt in one piece.

Make a single cut up the center back of the shirt, all the way to the neck hole.

Fold the hem edges under 1/4 inch, and sew them in place. Sew the side seams together from sleeve hem to shirt hem. Finish the neck edge by folding it under and sewing it in place.

Add snaps or hook and reel tape to the center-back edges of the shirt so the shirt opens and closes easily.

Basic Skirt

Take the doll's waist measurement, double it, then add 1/2 inch 1. Cut a rectangle of fabric as wide as that measurement and as long as you would like the skirt to be, plus 1/4 inch.

Gather the top edge of the skirt. Fold the bottom edge under 1/4 inch, and sew it in place.

Sew the center-back of the skirt together, 1/4 inch away from the edges, stopping a few inches from the waist.

Adjust the gathers at the top of the skirt to fit the doll's waist. Sew a piece of 1/4-inch wide ribbon over the top of the skirt, leaving the ends of the ribbon long.

Slide the skirt onto the doll, and tie the ribbon in the back 1.


If you find the folded hems add too much bulk, eliminate them. You can finish the raw edges with decorative stitching or leave them as is.

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