Water Babies Instructions

Water Babies are lifelike dolls filled with water 1. The water contributes to its realistic feel and provides hours of playtime--no electronics or gadgets needed. These dolls were first introduced into the market in 1990. Two sizes are available: the original Water Babies and Newborn Water Babies, which are for smaller hands 1. The instructions to get your Water Babies up and running is simple--fill the doll with warm water and enjoy 1.

Remove your Water Baby's clothes before you begin to fill it with water. This will allow easy access to the valve on the doll's back.

Place the doll on its stomach. Open the valve located on the doll's back.

Insert the narrow end of the funnel into the valve. You will hear it snap once it's in place.

Fill the baby with warm water until it is completely full. You may have to "burp" the baby to remove any air to fill it completely. This is done by rubbing the Water Baby's tummy or back to distribute the water and remove any air.

Remove the funnel and close the valve. Wipe away any excess water with a paper towel and put the Water Baby's clothes back on.


Change the water at least once a month to prevent the water from getting moldy.


Do not microwave the doll or place it in the oven to warm the water. Filling the doll with extremely hot water will damage the doll, so only use warm water.

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