Little Leaps Instructions

The Little Leaps Grow-with-Me Learning System is designed to help your child learn basic concepts like colors and shapes. The system is a large controller that your child can use to interact with a DVD playing in your DVD player. The controls on the Little Leaps system are large and colorful, but as your child learns and grows, you can flip the controller over to access a more complicated set of controls.

Remove the screw that holds the battery cover in place. The screw is located directly above the red button on the controller. Then remove the screw located directly underneath the red button to remove the keyboard cover.

Insert two AA batteries into the battery slot above the red button. Replace the battery cover and secure it with a screw.

Turn on your DVD player and place the Little Leaps DVD into the player. Press the "Menu" button on your DVD remote control and choose "Manual Setup." On the first screen, press the "Enter" button on your remote to start the process.

Press and hold one of the three yellow setup buttons, located above the blue button on the Little Leaps controller. When a green light appears on the controller, you can release the button.

Press the "E" button on the Little Leaps keypad, followed by the three-digit code for your DVD manufacturer. A list of all the three-digit codes can be found in the Resources section. Press the "E" button again, and then push the red button when you are prompted. The setup is now complete.

Replace the keypad cover and secure it.

Choose between using the controller in baby mode or toddler mode. To switch to toddler mode, press down on the two latches found on the front of the system. Pull the controller out of the base and flip it over so the joystick is pointing up. Push down to lock it into place.

Place a Little Leaps DVD in your DVD player. The Little Leaps controller will now act as a remote for your DVD player, so your child can interact with the DVD, when prompted.

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